The Void exists outside of all known constructs of thought, including this one. External manifestations such as naturally occurring events, daily involvements and coincidence can be recognised as outside of control or influence.

Internal manifestations are a result of a personal conduit with these unfathomable occurrences and are aesthetically driven in such disciplines as art, design, music etc. Creative interpretations of an indefinable Sense of Meaning and the execution of such can be seen as an attempt to connect and convey to others this ethereal realm that seemingly exists "outside".

Much like the principle of the Uncarved Block of Taoist philosophy, The Void is the sum of its parts; all potentially nothing and everything at the same time. Unlimited permutations are dualistic in nature: for every possible there is an opposite. This is the sense of non-sense.

Intuitive art is contrived to be non-contrived, by its very unfettered deliberation it assigns itself a fixed flow. When concepts or beliefs or fragments of memory interfere with this process, a new road is travelled upon. Much of this scribbling approach is undertaken in order to explore as many possibilities as conceivable; the art can take its own path until a personal alignment is dictated. Seemingly accidental wrong turns become cohesive journeys once this state is recognised and the only issue here is knowing when to "stop".

This tickling of a primal sense of "something" is what causes wonder and intrigue in both children and adults (and probably dogs too): the unexplainable need to explain, understand and believe. Music, Art and Literature are a common conduit for this cerebral, existential enjoyment.